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Bat Regulations & Top Bats

For all age groups, the CV/KO baseball league prohibits composite barrel bats. The bat that you use must be aluminum in the barrel. You can have a composite handle bat, but not a composite barrel bat. The advantage of a composite handle bat is that it is a little bit lighter and reduces the "sting" some kids get in their hands. However, no bat will remove all of that "sting".

You may hear the term "BBCOR" bat, which means that the bat is NOT composite and can be used. These bats are approved by the Little League Association and by the CV/KO league.

When you hear the term "bat drop", this is a simple calculation of bat length minus bat weight. Sometimes this is -9, or it could be -13, meaning the bat length is 30" and the bat weight is 19 ounces, for example. A lighter bat is generally easier for a player to swing. A simple test while in a store is to hold the bat out straight to their side. If they can hold the bat extended at their side for 20 seconds, the bat is likely light enough for a comfortable swing.

Here are some general bat length rules by age and weight:

Here are some popular bats that are approved for use in the CV/KO League. Remember that DABA provides baseball bats for all kids. While they may not be "top of the line" they are sufficient and safe for play.

Some kids just want a bat based on the brand name. We can't blame them! There are indeed some stand out brands in the baseball bat business:

Louisville Slugger

At the T-Ball level, almost any T-Ball bat will do. Depending on the player's size, 24" - 26" is an average length. Here are some bats we recommend for T-Ball:

Demarini CFT T-Ball Bat $44.50

Easton Mako Bat, $39.99

Easton Speed Bat, $29.99

adidas Vanquish Bat, $19.99

8 & Under - 10 & Under
At this age level you probably still do not need a top of the line bat, however this is typically the age where players start to care about which bat they use. You'll often see them use friends bats to try them out. Remember to buy an aluminum bat and one that has a barrel diameter of 2 1/4 or less. Here are some bats we recommend for 8 - 10 year age groups:

Easton S500 BBCOR Bat, $99.99

Easton Z-CORE BBCOR Bat, $149.97 (Was $199.99)

Easton S2Z BBCOR Bat, $149.99 (Was $299.99)

DeMarini VooDoo BBCOR Bat, $224.97 (Was $299.99)

12 & Under
At the 12 & Under age group, you can begin to use big barrel bats. Big barrel bats are bats with a barrel diameter larger than 2 1/4. This is the type of bat they'll use through High School and Senior League Baseball, so if you're going to invest a lot of money into a bat, this is the time to do it.

Demarini VooDoo Overlord FT Senior Bat, $184.97

Marucci CAT7 Senior League Bat, $199.99

Marucci Hex Alloy, $199.99

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