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Baseball Glove Suggestions

Baseball glove are one of the most unique pieces of equipment for players.At the older age groups, players will become obsessive about their glove. From where they store it during inning breaks, to how it is broken in, you'll find all sorts of quirks to owning a glove.

Remember that DABA provides catcher's mitts, but each player will need their own fielding glove. If you want to purchase a first base glove you can, but it's not required and really not necessary.

Colors, pocket depth, size and webbing are all features that the player should consider before making a glove purchase. To begin, here's a glove size chart since getting the right size glove is the most important part:

Make sure the player's glove is not too small or too large. At the high school level the position they play will impact the size of their glove. First base, infield, outfield and catchers all have different types of gloves. At the younger age group, they really only need 1 glove. 

Here are some glove recommendations for each age group:

This glove is their first glove, but it's a starter glove. Players don't even know yet if they'll like the game enough to play the following year! Also, they're growing so quickly at this age that spending a lot of money on a T-Ball glove isn't a great option.

Rawlings T-Ball Players Series Glove, $9.99

adidas T-Ball Triple Stripe Series Glove, $29.99

adidas T-Ball Digi Camo Triple Stripe, $32.99

8 & Under and 10 & Under

At this age group the players are starting to take the game more seriously and some will be looking to get a glove that distinguishes them from the rest of the team. The options on a glove are player preference - from the color to the type of pocket webbing. The size now is very important. We suggest you take your player to the store before purchasing the glove. The size in inches will be on the pinky part of the glove. 9" - 11.5" is common depending on hand size and player size. Here are some suggestions:

Wilson Youth Lil' Pedroia A550 Series, $59.99

Wilson Youth A800 Optima Series, $89.99

Rawlings Youth GG Elite Pro Taper Series, $99.98

Mizuno Youth Classic Pro Future Series, $179.99

Very Important: Leather gloves need to be broken in. If you go to a store like DICK'S Sporting Goods, you can have the glove steamed and this is a great start to breaking in the glove. We suggest buying Glovolium or another type of oil to help break it in, but the BEST way to break in a glove is to use it! Get outside and play catch, a lot, and do so before the season starts. 

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